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Useful functions for dealing with strings.

StringUtils.interpolate(formatString, parameters)

Returns a string created by interpolating the provided parameters.

The text is provided as a tokenized format string where parameters are indicated via curly braces, e.g. ‘Hello {name}’. These tokens are replaced by the parameter value of the same name.

Parameter values will be rendered using their toString methods and then HTML-escaped. The only exception is that instances of the class HTML are rendered without escaping as their contract declares that they are already valid HTML.


    'You are enrolling in {spanStart}{courseName}{spanEnd}',
        courseName: 'Rock & Roll 101',
        spanStart: HtmlUtils.HTML('<span class="course-title">'),
        spanEnd: HtmlUtils.HTML('</span>')


'You are enrolling in <span class="course-title">Rock &amp; Roll 101</span>'

Note: typically the formatString will need to be internationalized, in which case it will be wrapped with a call to an i18n lookup function. In Django, this would look like:

    gettext('You are enrolling in {spanStart}{courseName}{spanEnd}'),


formatString: string, The string to be interpolated.

parameters: Object, An optional set of parameters to the template.

Returns: string, A string with the values interpolated.